Young Black Men Ever Consider Teaching?

The absence of African American male teachers in American classrooms is an issue that must be addressed over this next decade. Currently, less than 2 out of every 100 teachers are African American males. African American male teachers are needed in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. Their presence in the classroom promotes diversity among the teaching staff and benefits all races of students.

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The history of the teaching profession goes back to antiquity. With the advent of the first skills, teachers arose. They did not stand out as a separate profession, but having mastered the skills, they passed them on to the next generations. 

Thanks to the teachers, we not only kept our old skills but were also able to learn new ones. For the first time, the mention of teachers sounds in Confucius. He said that this specialist’s main task is the ability to open new knowledge to the student. 

The profession has evolved over time. Already in Ancient Greece, the first schools appeared, places where lectures for adults were given. The development of pedagogy continued into the Middle Ages. Despite prohibitions and persecutions, the transfer of knowledge and experience flourished in the churches. The monks taught religious teachings.

In the 18-19 centuries, public schools known to everyone appeared. This phenomenon influenced the teaching American culture. Now ordinary people can learn to read and write and gain knowledge. This raises humanity to a new level.

Nowadays, the teaching profession is not very highly paid, but it is popular and highly demanded. Teachers are respected and valued for their work. After all, they allow our children and us to gain knowledge that will help a career in the future.

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